It takes talent to recognize talent!

With a network of clients and new positions being added constantly, Prime Recruiters is always looking for additional high-quality people for our team. If you have friends, family or colleagues who are looking for satisfying employment opportunities – we want to meet them too!

HOW IT WORKS – Use our refer a friend form to submit their details Online. Then we’ll connect with them and, possibly, start them on a path to a great career opportunity!

Your one-time referral bonus is paid after your friend completes 80 hours in their first fortnight with us. A Best of all, you can refer as many friends as you wish, there are no limits on the number of bonuses you can receive.


  1. If a candidate is referred by several people, only the first referral is eligible to receive a bonus.
  2. Each referred friend can only generate a single bonus, however, there are no limits to the number of friends that can be referred.
  3. To qualify for the referral bonus, the referrer must have been on active assignment in the previous four weeks and must have completed at least 60 work hours.
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